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Talks and Workshops

John Allison has extensive experience in lecturing, and in facilitating discussions and workshops. He presents his insights in a format and language that is readily accessible. Entering into the challenges of parenting, teaching, personal or organisational development, he comes straight to the heart of what it means to be human.

John's approach in his interactive workshops is to establish what the participants are looking at, what their experience is of what they are seeing, and what next steps they might take on their respective pathways. These three stages can be summarised as:

seeing the real question
becoming the change you want to see
enacting the emerging future

John recognises that conflict often appears to be the ‘default-mode’ of contemporary life. His themes encompass the questions of personal spiritual development; existential crisis and working with conflict; relationships as a workplace; the complex challenges of childhood and adolescence; and organisation as a community.

His workshops for parents and teachers deepen their understanding of child development; specific interests include the development of effective restorative practices in managing behaviour and bullying, drug education, pastoral care, and living with grief.

On the web page Writings and Newsletters there are a number of lecture-transcripts, articles and journals reflecting the broad scope of John’s work. His journal { parent-theses } offers parents valuable insights into family life.

The Helping Conversation

“There are three conversations: about birth, about living, and about dying. They all involve letting go and letting come. People often know what is needed, but may need to discover this through a process of dialogue, to see the situation more clearly, and what the trip-wires and trigger-points are for their reactions. They then may arrive at a clear presencing place in which they can forge new attitudes, shape new patterns, develop new skills, and so get on and do it.”

The helping conversation can be a real support for anyone in their professional, family, and personal life. John’s empathetic approach is evident in his various articles and lecture-transcripts on the Writings and Newsletters page.

John Allison is available to work with you in any of the areas outlined on this site. Contact him to discuss your needs.