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John Allison's approach to Organisation Development originates from the foundational work of Bernard Lievegoed. He has also trained with MIRA (Companions for Development), and other practitioners in this field.

Change is too often technical and structural, allowing no opportunity for individuals to grow towards an emerging future. Development, on the other hand, typically requires time for capacity-building. John works with organisations and individuals to find their ways forward, using a process-oriented methodology derived from his research into the conflict resolution work of Friedrich Glasl and Otto Scharmer’s Theory U:

Theory U

On the Writings and Newsletters page of this website are several articles on aspects of Organisation Development.

“My particular interest is in the challenging social and professional relationships arising between the individuals in any institution or association. My approach is to establish empathetic understanding with all parties, acknowledging that every circumstance is unique, and therefore this requires my commitment to be a companion of every person in the community towards their future.”

John Allison is available for consultancy work both with individuals and organisations. He is also able to draw on the expertise of one or another of his associates to help in any specific situation.

Mentoring – Coaching – Accompanying Development

Changing the habits embedded in both personal and organisational cultures takes time, encouragement and support. John coaches and mentors individuals and groups, taking care to understand how latent possibilities can be drawn forth and developed.

In 2010 he was asked to present a paper on developmental processes at the Fifth Victorian Transpersonal Psychology Symposium. An article developed from this presentation – Becoming the Path – can be downloaded from the Writings and Newsletters page.

John Allison

John Allison is available to work with you in any of the areas outlined on this site. Contact him to discuss your needs.