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John Allison is a lecturer, workshop facilitator, consultant and life coach, writer and poet living in Melbourne. He is available to work with individuals, groups, and organisations.

“Modern life is complex, and often complicated, whether in work, family or personal affairs. Satisfaction and fulfillment depend on so many factors – and we each will give different emphasis to what is significant. At the core of life, however, are three relationships:

• with oneself
• with others
• with the world

I’m convinced that the quality of these relationships can be improved through an understanding of living processes.”

Through John’s support, an organisation can embody living processes in a creative environment where both personal and personnel growth are enhanced by – and in turn enhance – ethical work practices.

“Institutions need to become more like organisms, not mechanisms.”

Individuals discover that life opens out into a creative field when they become more attentive to these living processes. They identify their unique Way, to develop awareness of the paths towards others and into the world, to increasingly follow their leading image – a vision of mutual, purposeful endeavour.

Lifetime Learning

For many years John has taught in Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools. He now works part-time in school management and administration, while engaging in independent consultancy work. This encompasses many strands of contemporary life:

• Teaching and Learning – Professional Development
• Governance, Management and Leadership
• Conflict Resolution and Communication
• Personal, Social and Spiritual Development
• Child Development and Parenting

“It’s good to decide that every situation is an opportunity, and that creative imagination is an essential faculty for learning.”

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John Allison

John Allison is available to work with you in any of the areas outlined on this site. Contact him to discuss your needs.